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Bane - H.M. Ward If you can look past the many spelling and grammar errors and have no problem suspending disbelief or logic, I can see this appealing to a younger mind-set. The relationship was very Twilight-esque, though Kahli, the main character, had more backbone than Bella ever did.

Unfortunately, due to many errors, I can't recommend this book. There were an incredible number of homonyms (e.g., "chase" instead of "chaise," "plated" instead of "plaited," "snip-its" instead of "snippets," etc) littered throughout the text. There were a few simple logical fallacies as well (e.g., the heroine knowing what certain flowers--like jasmine--would smell like even though she grew up in a landscape permanently iced over, living off of canned or packaged foods even though this is supposedly set hundreds of years after the cataclysm that changed the climate and landscape, vampires willingly culling their shrinking source of food, etc).

In short, the concept was interesting, but the execution was lacking.