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Bait - Annie Nicholas That’s not to say all self-published books are bad. I quite enjoyed this next one. Again, a couple of niggles with spelling and grammar, but nothing unforgivable. The story was excellent, the hero was hot, and I found the world-building fascinating.

Our heroine, Connie (aka, “Rabbit”), acts as bait to lure out vampires so the team of hunters she works with can kill them. During a hunt gone wrong, Rabbit finds herself falling in love with one of the vampires—Rurik, master of Budapest—and is soon involved in some vampire politics, deceptions, and a plot to unseat Rurik so that some far nastier vamps can take over.

This was quite enjoyable. The scene with Rabbit and Rurik in the baths with the hair-pulling… *fans self* This is a cute, decently plotted story with enough twists and turns to keep me engaged from start to finish.

I’ve started on the sequel, CATCH, and am finding it just as enjoyable as the first one. If you like sexy vampire PNRs, you should enjoy these, too.