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Storm's Heart - Thea Harrison Unfortunately, I am very sorry to say that the sequel to the lovely DRAGON BOUND did not resonate with me. The chemistry between Niniane and Tiago didn’t feel as genuine as it did between Pia and Dragos. It frankly pains me to say anything negative about this book, both because Thea is a lovely person, and because I had such high hopes for this story.

My biggest peev with this is that Niniane became Niniane and was no longer Tricks. If you know Tricks from DRAGON BOUND, you know that she has a great sense of humor, is mischievous, playful, and cunning. You saw glimpses of that humor in the first few chapters, but once things delved into High Falutin Srs Biznez, that humor was almost nonexistent. What was there came across as childish rather than mischievous. She was understandably not in a cheerful frame of mind, but it soured my enjoyment of what I thought would be a more lighthearted book. It almost felt like I was reading about a totally different character, and the politics just didn’t interest me.

It was my personal feeling that too much time was spent on Niniane being injured, being babied by Tiago, or growing into her big girl panties, and not enough was spent on her taking proactive action and being the smart, sexy, capable woman we met in the first book. Also, the relationship between Tiago and Niniane felt too rushed or forced or something—I just didn’t buy into the relationship or the romance or even the sex the way I did with Pia and Dragos.

It’s possible—even probable—that my own expectations colored my feelings about this book, so don’t let my opinion deter you if you were a fan of the first. Despite my lukewarm feelings about STORM’S HEART, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the third in this series, SERPENT’S KISS, coming October 4th.

Rating: 2.5/5