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Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison Oh, people. OH, PEOPLE.

I have never read a more perfect paranormal romance.

This book does a fantastic job of balancing wit, charm, intrigue, and just plain H-O-T sex. It helps that I am a fanatic for anything involving dragons, and the hero is, in fact, a scaled, winged creature of lore. If it tells you anything, it opens with the heroine stealing a penny from his hoard—yes, a single penny—and Dragos then makes it a point to hunt Pia to the ends of the earth to get his property back.

These two snap and pop together. The lines and humor were hysterical. Dragos’s occasional lapse in recalling the names of modern amenities (Ziploc baggies? Really?) was thoroughly amusing, and perfectly illustrated the mindset and nature of this creature. True, the names occasionally got on my nerves, but I loved the buildup into Pia’s discovery of her heritage and how she and Dragos fell for each other.

Thus far, this is one of my favorite books of the year. If you haven’t read this one yet, do it. Do it now! Drop everything and read this book!